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Welcome! 88MilesXR is a pioneering company that provides a private healthcare service to clients struggling with protection and especially those who want to keep their identities confidential. By using VR technology, we provide health services such as collective therapy environment and individual therapy, while conducting instant and planned doctor meetings over VR glasses. The website offers solutions for those who want to get support with VR for facilities and health use. Thanks to advanced VR technology, we offer the safety of your clients who are struggling with piracy and a health experience away from them. Among the services offered by 88MilesXR, instant doctor meetings with VR take an important place. Your clients have the opportunity to meet with their doctor through VR glasses at their preferred place and time. In this way, you ensure that your clients can continue their service without disrupting their daily lives and at the same time protect their privacy. ​


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However, other services such as the collective therapy setting and individual therapy also offer significant advantages. Collective therapy provides a safe virtual environment where your clients struggling with encryption can interact with others with similar experiences. In a supportive community, it is aimed that your clients share their experiences, find motivation and support each other. Our individual service therapy, on the other hand, offers a personalized treatment experience, taking into account the specific wishes and goals of your clients. Our expert therapists have managed to ensure the recovery of your clients by using evidence-based treatment methods in individual therapies. 88MilesXR maintains its expiration date to provide confidential and effective healthcare to your clients struggling with prevention. Visit our website and let us evaluate our solutions for your organization's purposes.


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