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88Miles XR is a pioneering art initiative that digitizes art and brings artists together with new and innovative platforms. We create unique experiences in the world of virtual reality by pushing the boundaries of art.
Our VR Art Gallery was created to push the boundaries of art and provide art enthusiasts with unique experiences. Now, we are seeking artworks to adorn the walls of our gallery. Whether you have digital art, large-format installations, interactive pieces, or other types of works, join us!


Application Guidelines : Artworks must be in digital format and compatible with VR platforms.For application, the artist's CV, photographs or videos of the artworks, and descriptions of the artworks are required.

Applications should be sent to

Application period: April 15th - April 29th, 2024

Company Address: Keizersgracht 1017 EK 520H, Amsterdam

Opportunity to reach art enthusiasts from around the world.

Chance to showcase your art in the digital world.

Opportunity to explore new experiences by combining your creativity with VR technology.

Get to Know Us: 88Miles XR is a platform that digitizes art and brings artists together with new technologies. By harnessing the power of art, we encourage people to interact and think.

Have questions? Contact us at



Welcome! 88 Miles XR Art Gallery is a venue that offers a unique experience for art lovers. NFTs offer the opportunity to showcase different types of art such as artificial intelligence and high resolution photographed oil paintings and 3D designed sculptures. In addition, visitors will be able to communicate and interact with the artists thanks to the acquaintance area located in the outer space.

88 Miles aims to provide a world-class art experience that appeals to art lovers. The works in our gallery present inspiring and innovative examples from different fields of art. Photographed in high resolution, oil paintings combine realism and aesthetics, capturing the texture of art down to the finest detail. NFTs represent the cutting edge of digitization in the art world and present unique works of art to collectors. In addition, 3D designed sculptures add depth and vitality to the three-dimensional world of art. 

Untitled_Artwork 1.jpg

The meeting area in the outer space of our gallery provides a unique opportunity for interaction between artists and visitors. Our visitors can directly communicate with the artists, get information about the works and be involved in the creative processes of the artists. This interaction offers art lovers the opportunity to better understand and experience the stories behind the works. There are gallery pages on our website that introduce our artworks in detail. Detailed explanations, artist information and information about the creation process of the work are provided for each work. In addition, our visitors have access to high-resolution photographs and 3D models in order to examine the works closely. Step into the magical world of art by visiting the VR Art Gallery, which pushes the boundaries of art and offers art lovers a different experience. As you browse our site, you will be enchanted by the beauty and creativity of the artworks. We are waiting for you on our website for an unforgettable art journey.

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